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Nicky Carnie

Nicky Carnie is a fully qualified HR professional with an MSc in HR Management and a Chartered MCIPD and is an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) qualified coach, with many years’ experience in the oil & gas and third sectors.

Working with SMEs, Nicky raises employees’ self-awareness through workshops and coaching. She is Scotland’s only C-Me practitioner and uses this to help teams understand how their behaviour affects others – and vice versa.

Her approach is pragmatic and flexible, supportive and above all effective. She is passionate about developing people and has a proven track record of achieving outcome-based results with both individuals and teams.

An affordable investment in your people, HR managers and MDs come to Nicky because of her ability to engage with their teams, building an instant rapport and providing an independent voice to support each individual’s professional development.

C-Me is an affordable, achievable service for businesses that considers how we bring different persona to work (an adapted persona) rather than our true selves (natural persona). Nicky helps people understand how to ensure that when they’re playing a role, and required to act in a certain way, that this can affect different aspects of their behaviour.

Nicky supports employers to develop greater resilience within their employees in order to improve cohesion, smart working and a more profitable business outcome. Through team building and one-to-one coaching, she empowers her clients’ staff with the tools they need to move forward, both personally and professionally.

I can facilitate powerful change and business
for your company to achieve:

More effective

Stronger teams
with higher
retention rates

More productive
with clients

Enhanced team
& productivity

Colour Profiling

I am an accredited practitioner of Insights and C-me.

These are colour profiling tools that quickly and accurately identify employees’ strengths, weaknesses and preferred ways of working and explain why others might do things differently. My unique selling point is that I am the only independent C-me accredited practitioner in NE Scotland.

“It's biggest value has been an improved communication culture; we understand how we need to communicate and what everyone’s barriers and lines are.”

Sarah and Yekemi, Doqaru

“This journey that Nicky has started us on, her delivery style and engagement, were excellent. She knew it was a church group rather than a corporate environment and she was very well received. She’s got a real passion for what she does and that really comes across, she has a lot of empathy and she’s got the right manner and attitude about her.”

Pastor Barry Douglas, Seaton Community Church

“I’ve also seen Nicky speak at a number of Women in Business events in Aberdeen, and that sparked my interest in bringing her into the business to work with my team. As a business, the company had been conducting a holistic review, top to bottom, because of the success it was experiencing.”

“I wanted to ensure that we had the right processes and procedures in place to be able to carry the team forward to be able to manage the next phase of our business’s growth.”

Sheryl Newman, MD, Appetite for Business

“Sometimes a business needs to stop, take time out and see how everyone is doing, we do regular individual appraisals but had never stopped to appraise the team. Nicky’s C-me assessments and subsequent follow up meeting with all our staff was so helpful for us to understand each other and ourselves, it was a great insight into how we all work together.”

“If you want to know why you get on better with some people and not with others, or if you want to understand your team better, I would recommend getting in touch with Nicky.”

Bruce Skinner, Managing Director, Pisys.net (Aberdeen) Ltd.

“Nicky is a great coach, leader and HR expert. She has a genuine interest in other people and is always very keen to support others. She is always very professional and solution focused. It was a real pleasure to work with Nicky and I have learned a lot from her during our time at Inspire.

Recently, Nicky gave a talk to my students at the College and it was very well received. Students were very impressed and wished that they could spend more time her. Thank you for all your support.”

Tomasz Waszkiewicz, Senior Lecturer in Quality Development, NESCOL

“Through the coaching sessions, Nicky teased out the issues and helped me find the solutions… that has had a powerful impact on me.”

Manager, Third Sector

“All of those in a leadership role met with Nicky to have a C-me profile completed and from there, new teams were put together, based on their profiles. Nicky did a lot of work to help our leaders and staff understand the strengths and weaknesses of each colour profile. The managers understood what the different colour profiles meant and therefore understood their teams. They also appreciated that this wasn’t simply a change for change’s sake; rather it was a development process for their own benefit.”

Sandra Ross, Managing Director, Bon Accord Care

“I began coaching due to pressures of work and what came from the coaching was the other areas of my life which were, though I didn’t see it, impacting on my professional life. I had thought I had a clear delineation between work and home and through the coaching realised this was not the case.

Nicky helped me to identify the areas which crossed over and the impact this was having in both areas of my life. She helped me see what I could control and my responses to those I could not. I now have an Action Plan so I can see what I have achieved and the areas I need to work on.

To have time to concentrate on me and not feel judged was excellent and I felt refreshed after each session.”

Operations Director

“Nicky was a great help to me with updating my CV, giving me various tips on interview techniques etc. She is an excellent motivator, brings the best out of people. I would have no hesitation to recommend Nicky to people looking for a new employment.”

Office Manager

“I found Nicky's coaching sessions extremely useful. I found out things about myself that I never realised before and a new perspective on teams and teamwork. Nicky put me at ease right away. I felt like she really listened to me. The colour insights were also extremely useful as it is easy to assume that people all think in the same ways but once I appreciated that they don't I found it easier to relate to different types of people.”

Support Manager

“I can’t recommend Nicky highly enough! She has provided me with a fantastic coaching; helping me to learn more about myself as well as setting me on a right career trajectory.

Emilia Mighall, Bon Accord Care Ltd

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